Weekend Lifestyle

The Weekend is a lifestyle.

Weekend Tee's are more than just crazy-comfy & well-crafted threads... they represent a fun-loving recreational lifestyle. Enjoy life free from worry, and regrets. See the world around you. Enjoy those by your side. Go places. Do things.

The Weekend Tee Company embodies the Weekend Lifestyle. This is why we started the Weekend Lifestyle Magazine. We publish content submitted by our fans, friends, and creative collaborators. The images feature people living the weekend lifestyle in our tee's. 

We are always looking for great photos and people to share in our next edition. If you would like to contribute...

1. Tag us on social media or use #weekendtee when sharing your photos. We will check you out and say hello.

2. Send your images to info @ weekendtee.com along with written permission to share your image, a short bio or story to share with it, any links/credits you wish to be shared. 

3. Collaborate with us. We choose a small handful of creatives each month to shoot our tees. Apply here

If your image is chosen to be published, we will send you our exclusive Weekend Tee VIP Package. 

Here are a few examples of the Weekend Lifestyle...

Weekend Tee in California


Weekend Tee on the West Coast

Weekend Tee in Arizona

Weekend Tee in Green

Weekend Tee in New Hampsire

Weekend Tee in Love

The Weekend Lifestyle map

Weekend in a tent

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