How it Works

The Weekend Tee Company creates bold recreational tee shirts and spreads outdoorsy vibes through our content and social media. We have our own way of doing things and hope you will join us!


1. Each month we design a rad new tee tailored to our love for outdoors, adventure and recreation.

2. We print a first run of limited edition's - right now only about 200. We use water-based ink (soft/transparent) on a triblend unisex tee (crazy-comfy & relaxed fit).

3. We email photos and details of the new tee to our VIP list at a special rate with a free shipping code. Each new tee will include a fresh new waterproof sticker and many times other goodies. 

We only run a small number of tee's to keep our inventory low. If we get great feedback on a tee design we will either restock or make the design available direct to garment (print one at a time)