Take Back Your Weekend

Take back your weekend


We know how busy life is. It Busy. 

You worked hard all week so now Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to catching up on cleaning the joint, filling the refrigerator with something to hang out with your condiments, and maybe even hit the shops and look for a new pair of shoes. That sounds like a ton of fun! Not. But we still do it every weekend!

In our minds, Weekends are made for adventure and relaxation. In reality we've dedicated every weekend for chores. Sure - every now and then we'll drive somewhere new or try a new restaurant. BUT we are creatures of habit and habitat. We stay close and do the same lame things we always do.

What about making your weekend something to remember?

Two ways to take back your weekend...

1. PLAN IT. 

Brainstorm a short list of things you've been saying "I want to do THAT" or "I want to go THERE".

Circle a date on the calendar. Plan where you will go. Google the location and find reviews on the best diner. Find attractions in the area . Set reminders. Leave sticky notes, and MAKE IT HAPPEN. 



Have no plans this weekend? Text a buddy/wife/boyfriend/grandma/kids/etc and just say "I'll be over to pick you up in 15 minutes. Wear clean underwear because I don't know when you will be home."  - You get the point - just go.

When you hit the road, don't head in the same direction you go to school, work, or your parents house... pick a road you have always wondered "where the heck does that go?".

While you are on the road have your shotgun rider check google maps for the essentials such as gas, coffee, and most importantly those large green spaces that are usually filled with trees's and other things that will revive your soul. 

Make this trip spontaneous. Listen to a radio station that is NOT programmed on your favorites. Or better yet, don't listen to one at all. 


The point is... take a WEEKEND FOR YOU. Not the chores or other responsibilities in your life - those can wait. Take back your Weekend. 

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